in the heart of Georgia


in the heart of Georgia

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If you have lost a pet you need to contact the animal control agency in your area to see if they have captured your pet.  Speed is important in this matter. Or try www.petfinder.com


And now for some CAT news! (FELIX THE CAT)

Now please do not do this...

Thursday, May 5, 2011, "dateline TTB"...

My aunt's neighbor in New York had a beautiful black cat, named Felix, who spent his days outside and came indoors at night. 

One cool October evening, he disappeared. The neighbor searched for him in vain for several days. The following spring, however, Felix reappeared, looking healthy and clean. She figured he's been out sowing his wild oats. 

Everything was back to normal until that autumn, when Felix disappeared again. The next spring, he returned. Perplexed, my aunt's friend began asking neighbors for clues. Finally, she rang the bell of an older couple who lived down the street. "A black cat?" the woman said. "Oh, yes! My husband and I hated to see him out in the cold, so we bought a cat carrier. We take him to Florida with us every winter." 


Animal Control Agencies in Metro Atlanta

  • Barrow County 770-307-3012 Barrow County Animal Control 
  • Bartow County Animal Shelter,  Burnt Hickory Road, 770-387-5153
  • Carroll County Animal Control,   770-834-8150
  • Cherokee County Animal Control, 90 N. Street,  770-479-6153
  • Clayton Country Rabies and Animal Control Unit, 1396 Government Circle, Jonesboro, 770-477-3509
  • Cobb County Animal Control, 1060 Al Bishop Drive, Marietta, 770-499-4136
  • De Kalb County Animal Control, 845 Camp Rd., Decatur  404-294-2996
  • DeKalb County Tethering Ordinance
  • Douglas County Animal Control, 1755 Humane Society Blvd, 770-942-5961
  • Fayette County Animal Shelter, 849 Hwy 74S,  770-487-6450
  • Fulton County Animal and Rabies Control, 860 Marietta Blvd, NW, 404-794-0358, www.fultonanimalservices.com/
  • Gwinnett County Animal Control, 770-339-3200 www.gwinnettanimalcontrol.com
  • Hall Animal Control, 875 Ridge Rd, 770-531-6829
  • Henry Animal Shelter, 46 Work Comp Rd, McDonough, 770-954-2100
  • Newton Animal Control Center, 210 Lower River Rd,  770-786-9514
  • Paulding Animal Control, 2837 N. Industrial Blvd, 770-445-1511
  • Rockdale Animal Control, 1506 Rockbridge Rd, Conyers, 770-785-5927
  • Walton Animal Control, 1407 S. Madison Ave, 770-267-1322


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