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  • Subject: Main Street RR Crossing

    Comments: Are you going to install a "whistle free" (not sure of the exact name) crossing at Main Street?  One of these was installed on Frazier Road (near the Wilson Crossing neighborhood).  The crossing gates go all the way across both lanes of the road to prevent cars from going around.  This safer gate allows the train to go by without blowing it's whistle.  I think this would be a good idea for Tucker, as most people would not miss the noise.  Thank you. Eric

  • Subject: Tucker Mainstreet Groundbreaking

    On Main on Wednesday, December 1, 2010, at 10:30 am.

  • Subject: Noise complaint from Mary

    There is a business called [name withheld, editor] in Tucker that blasts loud music at all hours of the night. When there is low traffic outside you can sometimes hear this music half a mile away! It blasted all day on Thanksgiving, and we have heard it at 3:00 in the morning.It also blares all over the parking lot and businesses below.

    This is just unacceptable. They need to turn it down and turn it off at night. 


    Mary, You did not give us your contact information. Please go to the website and give us a phone number or email so that we may contact you and get more information about this problem.

    If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about this problem please click here to email us..

  • Subject: Main Street Bike Lane?

    Question: I may be asking the wrong person, but I was wondering if a bike lane is going to be installed during the Main street re-do. It would be a great addition to the reconstruction of Main street! Thanks, Michael

    Answer: Honey said: "No bike paths for Main." They were not included in the planning phase. Maybe we can get some in the next phase for Hugh Howell but Lawrenceville Hwy is a federal highway so it will take some doing to get through federal guidelines and regulations to get them there.

    One of the things taken into consideration during the planning was the desire to have a calming effect on the Main Street traffic. We hope that with the new StreetScape completed and only two traffic lanes that there will be an environment more suitable to the occasional biker eventhough there will not be a separate lane for them.

  • Subject: Mainstreet Re-Do

    Subject: Main Street and Surrounding Areas
    Comments: Hi, I've been looking for information on the changes coming to Tucker Main Street and it's surroundings. Is there a place to go to see the progress?
    One of our concerns is that our home is on the border of the LCI project off of LaVista Rd. We are concerned how this will impact our property. Thank you Suzanne

    Subject: Downtown Tucker
    Comments: I've heard (thru less than reliable sources)that our beloved Downtown Tucker is slated for a facelift. Would you verify that for me and let me know all that it would include. Thank you, Sandra


    At one time there was a website by the Main Street Tucker Alliance that told how you could "buy a brick" and all the plans for the redevelopment. The dreaming stage is over after ten years. Honey V. says "a contract has been let." She expects ground breaking to take place by the end of this year. She said the website is no longer available.

    Honey said there were three grants won for the development--one of them federal, and she mentioned the Atlanta Regional Commission and that reminded me of where I had seen more information on the Tucker Project. If you click on the following link and then put "tucker" in the first enterable field and then click "go" you will get documents on the project.

    ARC link

    Here is an excerpt from an update on the renovation of Main Street from Tucker Historical Society by John Wermuth:

    Kathy and Harry Powell attended a meeting with Main Street merchants and with MTA representatives the week of November 7, 2010.

    November 15th, 2010 is slated for construction to begin. There will be a “ground breaking ceremony” with lots of political and county government folks attending, we are not certain of that date, but MTA and the county will have press releases in all the major papers.

    Tucker/Northlake area is a very important area for the county and with the streetscapes done at Northlake and downtown Tucker getting a facelift; this is seen to be “the crown jewel for Dekalb County”. County Economic Development is much focused on our area, so it sounds like businesses are hearing about this and are interested to know more. The construction only has to do with the street, not private property so questions about more parking will be addressed at another time

    The construction is supposed to start at the Lawrenceville Hwy and Main St intersection, but it may actually begin at Lavista Rd intersection because Georgia Power has already moved all power from that end and Lawrenceville Hwy has not been done yet. AT&T and Comcast have to also move their lines which may cause a delay. The construction should start on the Matthews Cafeteria side of the street first and be 90% finished before the other side of Main Street is begun. Railroad Ave, First Street and Lynburn Ave. cross streets are not part of this work, so only the corners will be under construction not those streets. The end result will be: Main Street will have 2 lanes of traffic and we will still have on street parking like now. The sidewalks will be 12 ft wide from the building fronts to the street. There will be benches, trees, lighting and the vanity bricks will be located on the corners of intersections instead of sidewalks made of these bricks. Pedestrian access is a focus here even to cross the CSX RR tracks.

    This work will all be done in one phase and will last approximately 300 days(construction days), with completion slated for August 13, 2011. Dekalb County has told the contractor that the construction must not interfere with Main Street business, doorways must be clear during business hours and that the contractor will be talking to each business on Main St. Sidewalks will be clear during business hours.

    That means that Tucker Day [ed.: may] not be in May next year, but MTA says it will be a BIG one when it happens. Of course this also means that the "Holiday on Main Street" in December will not happen this year.

    As we all do some business on Main Street, I want to remind everyone to be aware of the construction signs and to take extra precaution while downtown during construction.

  • Subject: Grocery carts at the bus stops

    MAERA124 and grocery carts

  • Chris writes: What can be done about the Walmart/Kroger grocery carts that are being left at the Marta bus stops? Some of them are even being used as benches and trash cans! I faxed a complaint to Code Enforcement last week but doubt it will bring any results.


    We found three carts at the bus stop at Lawrenceville Highway and LaVista Road on the Walgreen's Corner and one at the bus stop at Lawrenceville Highway and Old Norcross across from frozen custard shop at Cofer Crossing. There was evidence of them being used as benches and trashcans.

    We checked with the police and found out several things--the problem has been going on for most of the summer, MARTA is constructing benches for the bus stops in the near future, and a petition from concerned Tuckerites could help. Wal*Mart said that they send a truck over every Friday and usually pickup six or eight carts. They will check with headquarters to see if they can put up signs about the issue. Kroger says they go over every morning and get their carts and that the carts usually appear at night when Kroger has little manpower to police the parking lot. We plan to talk to MARTA about the issue but have not done so yet.

    If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about this problem please click here to email us..

  • Subject: Thoughts on Tucker??

    Hi there I am hoping someone can enlighten me about Tucker. My family is planning to relocate to Tucker. I have googled a lot.. but I love to hear from real people that live in the area. We have 3 small children and 2 big dogs. We are pretty excited about the move but I am looking for some information. Anything would be helpful. We are a diverse family and kids are 4/2/4months. I am looking at homes that are zoned for either Livsey/Midvale school. (thoughts on either) Looking for a church preschool program (any thoughts of First Baptist Church) safety issues? Looking at homes around Henderson Rd?? Parks.. playgrounds.. mom groups.. recreational activities? Family dining or adult dining? in town or close COMMUTE to Emory!!! If we live close to the beltline 9-10mi from Emory.. hopefully no more than 25min?? I heard Main St. is getting a face lift? soon? Crime? Safety? I know this is a lot but again any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    Dogs are required to be constrained so you will probably want to look for a house with a fenced backyard. Emory is about twenty minutes from Henderson Road if you don't get on I-285(you called it the beltline, we call it the Perimeter. If you get on 285 it can sometimes take 30mins to an hour just to go one exit--say LaVista to Stone Mountain Freeway). Livsey and Midvale are both good schools but you need to sign up early to get in the kindergarten classes as I've been told they fill up and then you have to find a private kindergarten. Emory also has daycare if you are going to be working regular day hours or going to school. Housing prices in the area range from around $200k up to $500 and $600K. I refer you to "realestate" for more info on that. You asked for a lot of info. Feel free to call Peg at 770-938-1356 for more info.

  • Subject: Door-to-door Sales

    I plan to sell security systems door-to-door in Tucker. What kind of permit do I need to get?

    Answer(our thanks to Officer Bouie for this information):

    In the DeKalb County part of Tucker you need an ID Badge issued for residential door-to-door solicitation. You get it from DeKalb County Permits, a Regulator Enforcement Unit of the DeKalb Police Department(404-297-3934). [M-F 9-4]

    It costs $100 and they take MC, VISA, and money orders. You must bring a State of Georgia Business License, a state issued id and (a US birth certificate, a US Passport, or a US Military ID). If you are not a US citizen you must bring your green card or your work authorization card. These must be original documents.

    Gwinnett's requirements are similar.

  • Subject: Building Permit, Tucker City Hall

    I just went to Gwinnett County to get a building permit for my property on Lawrencville Highway just past Jimmy Carter and they told me to call 770-938-1356 and talk to Tucker City Hall about getting a permit. My property has a Tucker mailing address but it is in Gwinnett County. Where is Tucker City Hall? Where do I need to get my building permit.


    Tucker City Hall is in the minds of the citizens of Tucker. It does not exist. Tucker is currently unincorporated and gains its services from DeKalb County and Gwinnett County. It is a mistake to think that because you have a Tucker mailing address you get your services from the City of Tucker. Your services come from the county you are in, in your case, Gwinnett. We called Gwinnett County Planning Services and got the information you need to get your permit. Call 678-518-6000.

    For DeKalb County you may visit the website at http://www.co.dekalb.ga.us/planning/mainPage.html or call 404-371-4915.

    Thanks for your question and Welcome to Tucker!

  • Subject: UTILITIES: Where do we apply?

    > Please email so I know where to apply for utilities for my residence at xxxxxxxxx, Tucker, GA.

    Thank you so much for your response in this matter.

    Our answer:

    Ga.Power for electricity-->1-888-660-5890

    anyone of a number of gas companies for natural gas--I use Ga. Natural Gas-->770-850-6200 or 1-877-850-6200

    to report a gas leak call Atlanta Gas Light Company at 770-907-4231 or 1-877-427-4321

    you're in DeKalb County so water is 404-378-4475

    I think garbage is automatic but ask the water people when you call.



    Good luck.  Let me know how it goes.

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