in the heart of Georgia


in the heart of Georgia

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Yellow Daisy Flower Show 2010 !

    The Yellow Daisy Flower Show began Thursday with all the flowers and arrangements being brought to Stone Mountain Park for judging. The Redbud District of the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. holds the flower show every year in conjunction with the park's Yellow Daisy Festival. This year the flower show was tremendous and was held in Memorial Hall at the park.

    hostess Jeanna

    We were met by hostess Gena from the Lake Ivanhoe Garden Club. She was dressed in a green that matched the show and looked like one of the flowers herself.

    Horticulture in Memorial Hall

    The judges were comparing notes and tabulating the scores.

    juvenile exhibits

    The flower show includes a youth division and they were displayed upstairs on the balcony.


    The winner was a great exhibit showing lots of ways to "Go Green".

    Ms. Redbud


    Ms. Redbud stood by the Green 101 exhibit which was also very impressive.

    table designs

    table 1st and 2nd

    table design honorable mention

    table design

    Downstairs in a sunny foyer the table design competition was complete.


    The miniature display was just outside the horticulture room and we admired the displays but would have prefered natural light rather than the green. The miniatures were all beautiful and we really regretted not being able to get a better look at them.

    first prize mini

    first prize mini

    first prize mini

    These three were each first place in their own individual categories.

    design first

    This one was the first place in the design category. Congratulations to Joy.


    Here is another in the design category.


    And finally the winners in Horticulture were displayed on a prominent table.



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